About Tobie

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I fell in love with photography when I was 15. I knew what I wanted to do. I knew that everyone I met had a story and I wanted to tell it! I wanted to show their feelings and the wonderful person inside them. Which turned this shy person into a "talker."

There are so many special moments in our lives. So many things we "never want to forget." Photography is the way that each moment is captured forever. Those little chubby checks won't be forgotten when they are graduating from high school. My husband, who was then my boyfriend, bought me my first "real" camera a million years ago..... two wonderful kids  and a billion exposures later.....18 years of photography can really creep up on a person and I wouldn't change a thing:)

Tobie is recognized as one of the area’s premier photographers and has received numerous awards from the Professional Photographer’s Association.

Tobie Andrews Photography specializes in weddings, engagements, seniors, children, families and business portraits.

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