Engagements and Pre-Bridals

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1. Review and note our three engagement packages and the Pre-Bridal session at the bottom.

2. Next, note the 'Print Packages' at the bottom of this page. See how many and what sizes are included with each print package. You may also order a la carte. 

3. Schedule your session using the  'Schedule Online Today' here, or at the bottom of every page. Make sure you schedule for the right session type. 

4. After your Engagement session, you'll be provided with a URL link and password to your private gallery. Share the gallery link and password with friends and family.  Click here to learn how to order a Package. (Link is dead for now, page needs to be built) 

Choose your Session

Trend Setter - $350

Untitled photo

This is our most requested and popular engagement photography package. There's plenty of time to goof around, have fun and capture the love between you and your fiance. How's that sound Fiance? Soon you'll be saying Husband or Wife! 

*     1.5 - 2 Hours of shooting on location and/or at our studio.

*     2 Outfit changes

*     Online gallery that can be viewed and shared with friends and family.

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Creative - $500

This package was designed for the couple who want to remember their engagement with a few nice prints. With this package you'll receive a coupon that entitles you to 15% off any package or print for the lifetime of the gallery. Share the coupon code with friends and family to extend the offering. We offer beautiful 5X7 folded cards. Great for sending out invitations to the wedding or engagement parties. 

*     2 - 3 Hours of shooting on location and/or at our studio. 

*     Up to 3 Outfit changes. 

*     Exclusive 15% OFF coupon for all packages or a la carte prints. 

*     Online gallery that can be shared with friends and family. Share your coupon with family to also receive 15% OFF Prints and products ordered through the gallery.

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Sweet and Simple - $200

Untitled photo

This is a simple, in studio session, great for small families or groups. Come in, make yourselves comfortable, get goofy and have fun! 

*    One Hour on location or at our studio. 

*     2 Outfits  

*    Online Gallery where that can be viewed and shared by friends and family. Professional high-quality prints and digital downloads are also available. 

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Pre-bridal -$350

Pre-Bridal sessions. Oh so important! Let's not miss any part of you as a bride. Every aspect is important.....the lace on the back of your dress, the little giggle you give when talking about your handsome fiance, your shoes, your lashes that flutter when you think of "Him." Weddings notoriously run behind...let's not leave any aspect of you to chance. Pre-bridal sessions are done on the day you do your practice hair and make-up...usually 6 weeks before the wedding.

After you are primmed and prepped, come to my studio and let's get some timeless portraits of you before the crazy wedding day begins. This gives us time to concentrate on you, the bride. The are no outside distractions, no one to interrupt, no one to come in and ask a million questions about details that you already told someone else to take care of but they can't be found. Just me and you....the lovely beautiful you, in your gorgeous gown, looking amazing....:)

Scheduled 4-6 weeks before the wedding. Typically this session is done the same day as you do your practice hair and make-up for the big day. Come to the studio to dress and then let's capture all of details of you, in your wedding dress, looking stunning.

*     1.5 - 2 Hours

*     Half in Studio. 

*     Half on Location

*     Online gallery for ordering.

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Choose Your Print Package!



Two 5X7 Prints



One 5X7 Print

Two 4X6 Prints



Two 5X7 Prints

Four 4X6 Prints



One 8X10 Print

One 5X7 Print

Two 4X6 Prints



One 8X10 Print

One 5X7 Print

Four 4X6 Prints



Two 8X10 prints

Two 5X7 Prints

Four 4X6 Prints



Two 8X10 Prints

Four 5X7 Prints

Two 4X6 Prints

8 Wallet-Sized Prints

As an addition to the Above Packages



One 8X10 Print



8-Wallet Sized Prints



One 5X7 Print



One 4X6 Print


Metal Float Mount

Ready To Hang



Wrapped CANVAS

Ready to Hang


Folded 5X7 Cards

With Envelopes, Box of 25



Are prints included with any of the three sessions?

Prints are not included with the session. Each session is different and requires additional time and resources to complete. Prints can be purcahsed a la carte or as a package. 

How many edited images will I have to choose from?

We average 25-40 finished, edited images per session. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. We always aim to capture as many special and unique moments at possible during the session. 

I want to print myself, can I do that and how?

Yes, you can choose to order digital downloads of single images or the whole gallery. For single images, we offer a low and high-resolution version. If you purcahse the whole gallery, you'll  receive copies of the Original highest resolution images.      

Choose the Low Resolution 1 MegaPixel image ($15) for sharing online, facebook, or printing up to an 8X10.

Choose the High Resolution 4 MegaPixel image ($30) for printing anything up to about 16X20

Choose a full Gallery download of the highest resolution, Original images ($200) to print anything larger then an 16X20. Images are typically 12+ MegaPixels.

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