Children Highlights Days

The quick and easy way to have seasonal, fun portraits and at a fraction of the cost of a private session.

Children Highlights

Children's Highlights

Ready? Let's Get started!

1. Review the Highlights calendar. Check the time and theme!

2.  Note the 'Print Packages' at the bottom of this page. See how many and what sizes are included with each print package. You may also order a la carte. You're required to purchase a minimum of 1 package at the time of the session. Additional packages or single prints can be purchased online anytime. 

3. Schedule Online and save your spot for any upcoming Highlights sessions. 'Schedule Online Today' here, or at the bottom of every page. Make sure you schedule for the right session type. 

4. On the day of your session, please arrive ready to go. Most sessions are 5 minutes unless otherwise stated. Arriving a few minutes early is encouraged. Bring your baby into our personalized studio, place them in the scene. We'll capture the desired expression. Gather your child up and head to the front desk. There you'll choose and order your print package. 

Located in Old Town, 142 N. Mead. Click here for Directions

Phone: 316-516-7460


Available Print Packages



Two 5X7 Prints



One 5X7 Print

Two 4X6 Prints



Two 5X7 Prints

Four 4X6 Prints



One 8X10 Print

One 5X7 Print

Two 4X6 Prints



One 8X10 Print

One 5X7 Print

Four 4X6 Prints



Two 8X10 prints

Two 5X7 Prints

Four 4X6 Prints



Two 8X10 Prints

Four 5X7 Prints

Two 4X6 Prints

8 Wallet-Sized Prints

Individual or a la Carte products.



One 8X10 Print



8-Wallet Sized Prints



One 5X7 Print



One 4X6 Print


Metal Float Mount

Ready to Hang



Wrapped CANVAS

Ready to Hang


Folded 5X7 Cards

With Envelopes, Box of 25



Where can I view past Highlights Sessions? 

Click here to view the Highlights Sessions archive.

Are prints included with my highlights session?

Prints are not included. You must order a package the day of the highlight. Additional packages are available online anytime. 

How long is my scheduled Highlight Session?

Highlight appointments are typically 5 minutes per child.

We upload 1 edited image to the highlight gallery for that day. 

The first child of the session is free, each additional child/person/pet is an additional $4.

How soon will I receive the portrait package?

Typically within 10 business days of the highlight date unless otherwise stated.

Can I purchase the digital image instead of a package?

Yes, you can choose to order digital downloads of single image  for $40 for the first image and each additional image is $30.

Images are available from the website a week after the session.

Choose the Low Resolution 1 MegaPixel image ($15) for sharing online, facebook.

Choose the High Resolution 4 MegaPixel image $30) for printing anything  up to 16X20.

Any paper print larger then 16X20 or if you're interested in our stunning, wall ready Metal and Canvas prints, order directly from the gallery. 

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